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University Relations

University Relations

Partnering with universities

Proven and new forms of bilateral partnership allow for the greatest possible sharing of knowledge.

Alongside traditional contract research, Siemens works closely with universities and research institutions around the world on publicly funded research and innovation projects.

Since almost two decades we have been running a strategic partner university program which is tailored to the needs of both Siemens and academia. We collaborate with 25 leading universities worldwide, reinforcing our innovative strength and winning over new talents for the Siemens of tomorrow.

The dialog with university students includes idea competitions and hackathons, industry-sponsored doctorates for graduates at Siemens, and university teaching positions for Siemens employees. Siemens also sits on various academic bodies, where it seeks to better fuse industrial and academic requirements.

International alliances

Collaboration is taking on increasingly interactive forms: Beyond its strict focus on R&D, Siemens is involved in international, cross-university alliances.

Research “co-locations” and “living labs” allow professors, Siemens experts, and students to interact and familiarize themselves with Siemens products and technologies up close. An interdisciplinary approach, especially in the field of digital technology, is becoming increasingly important. Siemens shares its industry expertise and its knowledge of industry needs in the development of new curricula in the forward-looking technologies of AI, cybersecurity, and IoT. Siemens is actively driving forward new partnerships with academic incubators, keeping its finger on the pulse of the times so as not to miss out on important technological developments and trends.

„Center of Knowledge Interchange“ (CKI)

Academia meets industry

The Center of Knowledge Interchange (CKI) is the flagship program of scientific collaboration at Siemens. CKI gives Siemens access to state-of-the-art research and a highly qualified talent pool. The universities, in turn, can carry out research projects based on real-world issues, opening up valuable career opportunities for their graduates.

The CKI program enables a lively dialog between the industrial and academic worlds. In the CKI office, an on-campus expert financed by Siemens (CKI Manager) manages the partnership in ongoing exchange with a dedicated team of Siemens research and talent acquisition experts. At the management level, an Executive Sponsor from the Siemens top management maintains a personal dialog with the CKI Director and the university administration. Master research contracts in place with all CKI universities make it easy to launch new research projects quickly with a minimum of bureaucracy.


Friedrich-Alexander University (FAU) Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany

FAU and Siemens are linked by a close network of experts—the result of over 75 years of trusting collaboration. Joint research activities include manufacturing automation, materials science and power electronics. The Campus Future Energy Systems (Campus FES) is the collaborative research effort of Siemens and its partners FAU, Fraunhofer IISB, Nuremberg Tech, KIT, Energie Campus Nürnberg, and the Helmholtz Institute into the sustainability and efficiency of future energy grids.

Technical University of Munich, Germany

TU Munich has collaborated with Siemens on innovative ideas for industry and society for over 150 years, making it the company’s longest-running CKI partner university. One focus of their joint research is the future of automation. Siemens partners with TUM, LMU, Fraunhofer AISEC, and DFKI through the “Campus Automation & Digitalization” (Campus A&D) research network. The researchers collaborate on both bilateral and publicly funded projects on topics such as Simulation & Digital Twin, Industrial IoT and Cyber Security.

Technical University of Berlin, Germany

The scientific collaboration between TU Berlin and Siemens is centered entirely around Berlin’s digital ecosystem. Joint research topics include the Internet of Things,  machine learning, energy efficiency, and additive manufacturing. Through the "Werner-von-Siemens-Center of Industry and Science", research is practiced within a co-location approach. Siemens, TU Berlin and several SMEs as well as other research partners are working peer to peer right where products come into being.

RWTH Aachen, Germany

Amid the open campus environment of the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH), Siemens is working with RWTH to tackle the great challenges of the future. Research focusses on the digitalization of production, alternative manufacturing processes, new ways of energy production and innovative energy grids. The "Exzellenz Start-up Center.NRW" offers Siemens new possibilities to collaborate with agile academic start-ups.

Graz University of Technology, Austria

The success of the long lasting cooperation between Siemens and TU Graz in rail technology is due to the strategic fit of both organizations. Collaboration is being expanded in the university´s excellence areas of Cybersecurity, IIoT, Rail Research und energy management, in conjunction with Comptence Centers located on campus. Last but not least, the advantage of the location plays a crucial role, with Styria being one of the top R&D regions in the European Union.

Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Tsinghua University is Siemens‘  most important academic partner in Asia.  Joint research activities include robotics, AI, Cybersecurity and Power Electronics. Through public funding & Tsinghua´s university network, new technology demonstration opportunities are created in the region.

Georgia Institute of Technology (GeorgiaTech), USA

With Siemens locations near and on campus, Georgia Tech graduates one of the largest diverse future workforces trained and ready to tackle the challenges and needs of industry. Joint research activities include Robotics, Data analytics, AI, Systems Design, Simulation and Digital Twin.

UC Berkeley, USA

UC Berkeley is Siemens’ window into the innovation ecosystem of the bay area and towards excellent graduates.  Joint research activities include Robotics, Simulation, Deep Learning and Augmented/Virtual Reality.

Principal Partner Universities

Other partner universities worldwide

The CKI program is complemented by a second partnership model with 17 more universities: the Principal Partner Universities. The partnership is facilitated by master research agreements and special Siemens contact persons on working and management level. Like the CKI program, the Principal Partner University program has an international focus. The partner universities are located in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the US, China, the UK, and Denmark.

Student Events - If you are a student, check out Inside Siemens and participate in exciting events and conferences.

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Innovation is teamwork


At Supply Chain Management, our aim is to add value for Siemens and its customers. Our actions are consistently based on striving for innovation, productivity, quality and availability.
For this reason, we are always looking for innovative suppliers who are eager to bring their technological expertise and creativity together with that of our own experts.

We integrate this network into our customer projects right from the concept phase. In this way we create a crucial competitive advantage along the value chain. We rely on partners who join us in driving groundbreaking innovations right from the idea through to the customer.

Our suppliers gain access to new global markets. In addition, we support them in their continued development, so that they can optimally deploy their innovativeness with us as their strategic partner.

Siemens SCM provides two digital platforms to bring people and ideas together:


The Open Call for Suppliers is used to identify innovative products along addressed technical questions. This involves Siemens SCM actively looking for new solutions relating to carefully selected issues.

Open Call for Suppliers

You can find further information at these links:

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AI Lab Munich

The Siemens AI Lab

We initiate innovation activities for Responsible Industrial AI solutions at Siemens by offering a scalable innovation platform based on a diverse community of expert enabler, standardized formats for discovery and validation of AI opportunities, and an AI first mindset, and thus leveraging Siemens’ core assets and the strength of the Munich-centered Industrial AI ecosystem.

In light of the rapid advances in Machine Learning and digitalization, countless industrial applications for modern AI systems are revealing themselves today. At the same time, it is increasingly difficult to discern the hype from the trend, the real potential from exaggerated expectations. In order to provide new impulses and proof points to develop, boost and sharpen our AI innovation roadmap, we want to provide an open-minded and entrepreneurial environment driven by interdisciplinary collaboration: the Siemens AI Lab.

The Siemens AI Lab was founded in 2017 in Munich. Meanwhile, Siemens has established further branches in Beijing and the Silicon Valley, and the Labs serve as interface and platform between the central corporate technology function, Siemens business units and customers for the development of new industrial AI solutions in Europe, China and the US. As such, the AI Lab channels AI-related research and development activities within Siemens and provides a first point of contact for the outside world on AI-related topics.

It is a platform to explore and test new emerging use cases of AI across the business and within an industrial context. With an entrepreneurial mindset and a start-up-like fail fast culture, teams develop tangible prototypes for the next game-changer in less than a week. Prototype after prototype. Week after week. At the co-location space in the heart of Munich, cross-functional teams come together to outperform traditional project set-ups in terms of speed, creativity, relevance, and agility. The Lab was co-founded by Dr. Ulli Waltinger and Bernd “Benno” Blumoser, who are the technology and innovation heads of the lab.


What we do


You're about to boost your business with AI, but you just don't know yet how to get started? At the Siemens AI Lab we support you to learn more about industrial AI, use cases and opportunities and how they can affect your business. It's your decision - choose between a 1/2 day inspiration or a 1 day engagement workshop and equip your team for a successful future backed with Artificial Intelligence.

Within several input and working sessions you will learn a basic understanding of AI and associated technologies, explore your customer situation and related data as well as how to apply AI in the context of your business. In engagement workshops our experts will also guide you through the process of developing you very own AI use case with effective ideation methods - always considering their expertise and your business focus. In the end of the workshop you are able to pitch your idea and evolve a roadmap for a successful implementation for your use cases, supported by the AI Lab Acceleration program.



You want to get a proof of concept of your use case to decide to pivot or persevere? Test bold ideas in a quick and affordable manner within one week of co-creation. The Siemens AI Lab supports you along the whole process starting with a detailed assessment of your use case and the needed dataset with our industrial AI experts. Following we get ready for the Acceleration Sprint by clarifying details and defining expected results.

After this ½ day of pre-acceleration you are well prepared for the 5 days session at the AI Lab. We get together and accomplish your data and domain expertise with up to 2 industrial experts as well as co-implementing your use case with cutting edge AI technologies. The toolstack we are using is tried and tested everyday and so you benefit from past experience to create future benefit.

That´s it? Certainly not. You will receive the source code and processed data to reproduce PoC results by your own development team. What to prepare? Pre-Acceleration One Pager, your relevant data and your domain experts. What you bring? Up to 5 motivated participants.



As a leading provider of industrial solutions, Siemens AG is researching and developing AI solutions. Our goal is to relieve the workforce, improve efficiency and make a positive impact on society and our environment. Ultimately this will one day change the way we manufacture products, produce and distribute energy and provide healthcare.

With the AI Residency Program, we offer the opportunity to launch the career of the most promising talents in applied Artificial Intelligence research and drive the adoption of AI in the industrial AI research. In this 9-month program participants will challenge fundamental problems of industrial AI and have access to the platform to present their work to business owners from across all areas of Siemens.



Whether it’s hackathons, talks, meetups or long term initiatives: The Siemens AI Lab is the central platform for collaboration and knowledge transfer within a vibrant and growing AI community. Our goal is to expand the Siemens comfort zone in AI technology not only by tangible prototypes, but also with entirely new approaches and collaborations. We want to establish a highly connected ecosystem of students, startups, talents, experts, companies and entrepreneurs to provide a fertile environment for innovators and creators.




How we work

The Siemens AI Lab not only is a digital forerunner but also a pioneer on new ways of work. Thus, we organize our team according to approaches of Holacracy, a method of decentralized management, in which authority and decision-making are distributed throughout a holarchy of self-organizing teams rather than being vested in a management hierarchy. Based on several 'Roles' designated to various 'Circles' this approach encourages individual team members to take initiative and gives them a process in which their concerns and ideas can be addressed in an agile, efficient and transparent working environment. 


Our Team


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Siemens AI Lab

Rosental 7 c/o Mindspace
80331 München

Tel.: +49 (89) 636-24522


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