About the Siemens Innovation Ecosystem

"The world is our lab" expresses our attitude toward an open culture of interaction and co-creation with all possible partners worldwide. We encourage and invite you to join in and help create and shape the future with Siemens. The Siemens Innovation Ecosystem is a global innovation ecosystem that brings people together on a digital platform to foster collaboration and accelerate innovation.

Our goal is to innovate with you

In a rapidly changing world, we need to stay flexible and adapt to current changes. The Siemens Innovation Ecosystem offers you the opportunity to tackle problems, share your ideas, and take on real industrial challenges. You’re welcome to join in with your ideas, develop your entrepreneurial skills, and help us drive user-centered innovation. Get to know Siemens and collaborate with our Business Units and customers. Select the challenge that attracts you most, get in touch with your team members, and help share the entrepreneurial mindset throughout the Ecosystem.

What’s in it for you:

Ideation, Innovation, Co-Creation

Wide selection of challenges

Interdisciplinary and diverse community

Virtual collaboration

Awards for winners

Innovation initiatives/ events


The Team

Christoph Krois

Open Innovation Intrapreneurship Program


Dr. Christian Homma

Open Innovation Corporate Crowdfunding


Laura Engelhardt

Intrapreneurship Innovation Management


Ilaria Carrara Cagni

University Relations Intrapreneurs Bootcamp