Siemens Mobility is pioneering transportation, moving people sustainably and seamlessly from the first mile to the last. With the help of artificial intelligence, we create new intelligent applications that make mobility safer, more comfortable, and more efficient. Moving beyond!

"Machine Learning" (ML) is of great importance in this context. The use of ML techniques for safety decisions is quite innovative and demanding – for example in autonomous driving we could either set new standards and certification rules or rely on better explainability and transparency algorithms. The underlying problems are quite complex, such as multi-sensor fusion, usually high-dimensional data and the sufficient trustworthiness. As a matter of fact, so far no ML based application has been certified to take safety decisions stand-alone.

This is where student genius comes in! Siemens Mobility invites 👉 YOU 👈 to train an Artificial Intelligence system for a safety application within an Open Innovation Challenge: the Artificial Intelligence Dependability Assessment - Student Challenge (AI-DA)

What's in for you?

The best safety justifications for the AI models will be awarded as winners.

A total of 10,000 EUR in prize money awaits the winning teams. Moreover, you'll have the unique chance to present your proposals to an exclusive community of industrial managers and academic researchers.