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We initiate innovation activities for Responsible Industrial AI solutions at Siemens by offering a scalable innovation platform based on a diverse community of expert enabler. We use standardized formats for discovery and validation of AI opportunities, and an AI first mindset, and thus leverage Siemens’ core assets and the strength of the Munich-centered Industrial AI ecosystem.

Our offering


Learn how to leverage AI for your business and discover your own unique use cases


Work together with top tear researchers to get a proof of feasibility of your use case


Explore the frontier of responsible industrial Artificial Intelligence research

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Why choose us

The AI Lab channels AI-related research and development activities within Siemens and provides a first point of contact for the outside world on AI-related topics. As a part of Siemens AI and d its global footprint, we can leverage the full power of industrial AI within and across the borders of the company.

Our co-location space enables diverse, cross-functional teams to come together and outperform traditional project set-ups in terms of speed, creativity, relevance, and agility. With an intrapreneurial mindset and a fail-fast culture, project teams develop tangible prototypes for the next game-changer in less than a week. Prototype after prototype. Week after week.

Siemens AI consists of a over 250 AI experts, domain experts as well as internal and external thought leaders to ensure that Siemens and its partners can benefit best from the power of AI. Siemens AI provides access to current AI research: Over the last years Siemens AI was able to develop over 500 patents in the most recent AI developments. We drive innovations across all Siemens business fields while at the same time being thought leaders who push for more daring ideas.

We seek to inspire and explore with a track record of 3 hackathons, over 30 orientations and 30 successful accelerations that identified and sped up promising use cases.

We are your first contact partner for Artificial Intelligence at Siemens.

Siemens AI - our industries

With numerous successfully implemented and productive use cases, we - as part of the MI Core - have experience across several different industries. Our domain knowledge enables us to align R&D with your current and future needs to bring you to the next level.

Transports and Logistics

"In transport & logistic AI and digitalization will lead to a new level of automation up to autonomous driving"

- Dr. Jürgen Kazmeier



"Digitalization in healthcare enables highly automated diagnostic, efficient drug designs, new and individualized treatments."

- Dr. Jürgen Kazmeier

Oil and Gas production

"AI can help with both operational challenges as well as understanding current deployed assets and future demand to ensure production capabilities are available in a reliable cost effective fashion"

- Sigmund Duell


"AI enables energy industry players to achieve more with less"

- Sigmund Duell



"Distributed intelligence across the entire supply network is the key enabler for resource-efficient and flexible manufacturing" 

- Prof. Dr. Thomas Runkler


Process Industry

"Digitalization in process industry is revolutionizing the way we design, engineer, operate, and control industrial plants"

- Prof. Dr. Thomas Runkler


Siemens AI - our services

These solutions span the full landscape of industrial AI – combining Siemens domain expertise and data with off-the-shelf AI tools, frameworks and platforms.

Data Readiness

Extract, improve, integrate & model data to be ready for applications

Digital Companion

Turn your data into knowledge and decisions

Predictive Analytics

Let your data be your sixth sense

Visual Intelligence

Detect, perceive & interpret objects, scenes & context

Smart Systems

Boosting performace with learning & optimization technologies

How we work

The Siemens AI Lab is not only a digital forerunner but also a pioneer on new ways of work. Thus, we organize our team according to approaches of Holacracy, a method of decentralized management, in which authority and decision-making are distributed throughout a holarchy of self-organizing teams rather than being vested in a management hierarchy. Based on several 'Roles' designated to various 'Circles' this approach encourages individual team members to take initiative and gives them a process in which their concerns and ideas can be addressed in an agile, efficient and transparent working environment.

Our residency program

We not only strive for novel and promising business solutions but also focus on the exploration of cutting edge AI research. In 6 months, our so called residencies challenge fundamental problems of Industrial AI and research novel approaches that will drive the adoption of AI in the industrial setting. As part of the AI Lab community they have access to the before-mentioned unique pool of experts from the industrial domain. Thereby, they are able to discover important technology trends early and help Siemens to position itself on the frontier of AI research.

Get to know us

Whether it’s hackathons, talks, meetups or long term initiatives: The Siemens AI Lab is the central platform for collaboration and knowledge transfer within a vibrant and growing AI community. Our goal is to expand the Siemens comfort zone in AI technology not only by tangible prototypes, but also with entirely new approaches and collaborations. We want to establish a highly connected ecosystem of students, startups, talents, experts, companies and entrepreneurs to provide a fertile environment for innovators and creators.

What people say about us

"Amazing to see which outcomes can be achieved when you bring together the right skills and mindset with the latest digital technology and let teams work on real life business challenges. This is exactly what our MindSphere Application Centers are doing together with our customers. Embracing the creativity of the crowd, e.g. via this MACathon, to speed up value creation and build even better solutions will give us the next leap in our digital transformation. Awesome job by the AI lab to set this up!."

Sven Lattermann

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