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The UK Connected Curriculum – integrating industry 4.0 technology into university curricula

Evolution in times of the fourth industrial revolution (industry 4.0) is happening very quickly, and academia has to constantly adapt in this new era of fast changing digital technologies. The Siemens UK University Relations Team (CT UR) has just launched the Connected Curriculum to support academia to become more creative, flexible and collaborative in terms of the content that they offer their students.

The initiative is piloted with four universities in the UK: University of Sheffield, Liverpool John Moores University, Middlesex University and Manchester Metropolitan University, with orders beginning to come in from other schools, too. Along with Festo, a supplier of automation technology and partner in industrial training and education programs, Siemens aims to build a comprehensive portfolio of curriculum content and case examples that complements hardware and software products. Supported by simulation environments, real-life problem-solving tutorials will bring theory to life and allow students to apply learning to industry.

Curriculum content will be accessible in easily digestible chunks that will focus on various modules of engineering degrees. The aim is for academics to integrate these chunks into existing modules providing learners with the skills to meet the evolving needs of industry.

The Connected Curriculum on YouTube

David Moss (CT UR)
Prof. Dr. Paul Beasley (CT UR)