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Mendix World 2020 2.0

Our world has changed. We are no longer creating the workplace of the future, we are living in it.

Navigating a global disruption requires change-readiness and adaptability. At its core, low-code development is built on these supporting principles — collaboration, agility, openness, and innovation.

Learn how you can use low-code to drive digitalization forward and embrace our new reality. Attend Mendix World: Version 2.0 for inspiration, tools, and best practices to help you make a real difference.

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Check out some of the sessions going live September 1st:

Democratizing Data Integration for Makers

The digitalization needs of your organization, and the data landscapes they rely on, are growing and changing more dramatically than ever. Mendix can simplify integrations by enabling more Makers to share, find, and use the data they need. Join Product Manager, Andrej Koelewijn, and Manager of Architecture and Governance Product Marketing, Jon Scolamiero to learn how Mendix is:

  • Safely enabling more Makers to share, discover, and make data actionable faster than ever before
  • Reduces the overhead of managing Mendix landscapes at scale
  • Cleanly fits with your current IT architecture and investments

Recruiting and Mentoring a Top-Notch Mendix App Development Team

Creating a successful Mendix app development team requires a different approach than recruiting and skill building for a traditional one. Adopting low-code development offers the benefit of expanding your talent pool, complimenting traditional development skills with those who have background from the business. As you’re starting your low-code practice, Mendix Senior Technical Lead Eric Tieneber, and App Deliver Manager Simone Mink, will share best practices for:

  • How to recruit for the skillsets which typically comprise a successful Mendix development team
  • The best team structure and ways of working with external stakeholders to remain efficient as you grow
  • Approaching long-term growth and mentoring of your app development team

App Portfolio Roadmap Creation: Secure Your Planning and Funding

Once you’ve made the decision to incorporate low-code into your app development roadmap, getting your first application live (and any thereafter) requires long-term thoughtfulness and planning. With considerations specific to low-code roadmapping, you can set your team up for success with steps from Global Director of Digital Transformation, Arjo van Oosten, who will walk you through:

  • Why and how portfolio planning and funding for low-code is different than other technologies
  • Understanding Mendix fit and how to determine if your application initiative fits the “Mendix swim lane”
  • Parameters for starting your application portfolio, such as how to create an initial roadmap, define your first applications, and continue evolving your roadmap as your volume of applications grows

 Register for Mendix World 2.0