Are You an Engineer? Then These are the Mendix World Sessions for You!

I am Jakob Schillinger and I am (a Mechanical and Industrial Engineer digitally transformed into)* a Mendix Technology Evangelist. For the past 15 years, I worked in different roles focusing on industrial digitalization. I was now given the chance to support the global Mendix adoption program within Siemens.

I think that Mendix is a great platform to span the gap between different digitalization disciplines (like ERP, PLM, MES, and IoT) and their manyfold legacy systems. Mendix also allows you to build a digital ecosystem that plays alongside proven processes and not general industry standards that need adoption for your environment while leveraging every domain expert from your companies workforce. This helps your company to transform digitally, creating an environment of new insights that drive business results.

Understanding the art of the possible and seeing insights and proof of how others benefitted from Mendix is what makes Mendix World a must-go for me. I look forward to engaging with like-minded people like me, learning from their successes, and getting inspiration for new solutions.

Mendix World 2020 2.0 is going fully digitally after the initial event had to be canceled to flatten the curve. The digital version will allow you to be at Mendix World with no travel effort or costs associated and experience a large collection of different sessions throughout September 1st.

Here is my top 4 list of sessions I want to attend and why I think other engineers shouldn’t miss these sessions either! If you wonder, they are not on the Agenda yet, but incoming.

Low code for Industry: How to Build Digital Systems Leveraging Capabilities From Both IT and OT Domains

"The way in which employees, suppliers, and customers engage with manufacturers across the product lifecycle is changing rapidly. Increasingly, this also means providing users with personalized tools that are optimized for how they work and how they work together."

This session put into focus how engineers can make a direct impact on process digitalization, generating apps that are process and business specific and engaging to use. For me, one of the key strenght of Mendix in the industrial domain.

Extending Your Industry Data: Drag-and-Drop Teamcenter Into User-Friendly Experiences

"Teamcenter is the most widely used PLM software, connecting people and processes across functional silos with a digital thread for innovation. Making Teamcenter information available to other processes will be vital in a world of ever-increasing product and process complexity. "

Challenge is: doing that was a challenge for engineers. Up until today. This session will show how Teamcenter data can be exposed to other systems and users without holding an informatics degree. We might also be able to get a solid look at the Mendix Data Hub (which is super-awesome, I saw it already)!

Enabling Supply Chain Collaboration & Enterprise Model Base Definition with CNH Industrial 

"CNH Industrial N.V. is one of the world’s largest capital goods companies. Using a Mendix facilitated agile development process, CNH Industrial built a web application that ties together data from a multi-site PLM (Teamcenter) implementation, an enterprise Engineering Bill of Material (EBoM) system and a legacy document management repository."

Trust is good, control is better! You can trust the glossy slides of the sessions above after seeing what was implemented at CNH Industrial. 

Creating Easy-To-Use Digital Experiences by Democratizing App Development with Siemens Global Business Services

"Siemens GBS decided to use Mendix's low-code development platform to combat developer scarcity and start delivering results more quickly." 

I have been hearing from GBS a lot recently in my new role within the Siemens Mendix adoption program. They achieved to create an incredible amount of value, even at the very start of their Mendix journey. While their use cases are not very close to engineering, what GBS did is a prime example of what you can achieve with low-code adoption. 

I hope this article has been informative, and if not, at least you had a good read. SignUp for Mendix World and bring some digitalization into your engineering life!

*Sorry, that was necessary because another Mendixite did not want me to write this article, as he wanted a REAL engineer to do it ;-)