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Joint collaboration between researchers at University of Oxford, Technische Universität Berlin, and Siemens

What is #gridedge technology and where is it needed to enable #flexibility and #decarbonization of the #energysector? How can policy improve the readiness to deploy grid edge technology in different locations?  

The world is undergoing a major energy transition as it attempts to mitigate the impact of climate change. In this future energy system, consumers change from passive to active prosumers, and energy sources become more diverse and more focused on renewables. Because of this, the interface between consumer and grid will grow in importance – this interface is the grid edge. 

Grid edge technologies are an essential tool in this transformation of the global energy system. Many factors influence which solutions are appropriate for a region, or how ready they are to deploy them at scale. 

Together with University of Oxford and Technical University of Berlin, Siemens released a new white paper Driving the Energy Revolution. It defines a powerful index, designed for use by policy-makers and corporations to aid them in:

  • identifying the need and readiness status of a region at present, which is useful in targeting where to roll-out technology
  • highlighting what action can be taken to improve a region's readiness for grid edge technology

This is especially important for regions in need of grid edge but hindered by a lack of readiness for it. It enables barriers and opportunities to be identified and so that the grid edge revolution can be accelerated. It focuses in depth on five regions - Finland, Germany, Singapore, UK, California (US) - elected as locations that have been leading in adopting modern, energy-related technologies, but also includes a further 31 at a higher level. 

Download the white paper here!