Automated Manufacturing of High Voltage Insulation System - Video Insights

Automated Manufacturing of High Voltage Insulation System

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An article by Steffen, Lang & Huber, Juergen -

Technology experts in Insulation Materials

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The department T REE MDM POL develops coatings like powder or solvent-borne coating with tailored properties. By selecting best suited polymers and modifying them with fillers, the engineers can optimize the electrical material properties of the coatings from enhanced permittivity via improved resistance against electrical discharge to a well-defined electrical conductivity over 13 orders of magnitude. Mechanical, thermal and chemical properties can be tailored to the specific application. In case of automated processing the material can be adapted to the coating process in our laboratory, independent of the used substrate, being it a metallic coil winding or a ceramic beer mug.

In addition to the chemical laboratories, the insulation center also has access to high-voltage laboratories. With this comprehensive analysis possibilities predictions concerning dielectric strength and lifetime can be made already during material development.

The „Insulation Center Erlangen“ is always looking for new challenges and partnerships - especially far away from conventional insulation applications.

Coatings and tapes based on these coatings are already used in our business that the following statements confirm.

Martin Kaufhold (Large Drives):

"The lifetime of the motors and generators increases 60 times with this composite tape", explains Martin Kaufhold. The quality manager of Large Drives, Martin Kaufhold, presented the advantages of a new type of outer corona protection (OCP) at the TechForum on Company Core Technology (CCT) Materials and Manufacturing. This technology of so-called field-grading materials, developed together with material experts from Corporate Technology (CT), is already being used in motors and generators. Kaufhold also says: "This makes us a frontrunner - none of our competitors have this technology".

Guido Schmidt (Siemens Energy) (pdf):

"The qualification program was successfully completed. The newly developed outer corona protection material has proven to be extremely resistant to erosion and has confirmed its suitability for use in large rotating electrical machines. With the introduction of the new outer corona protection in the production of large rotating electrical machines such as generators or drives, the phenomenon of erosion can be considered as overcome".

Klaus Pointner (Trench):

In conventional production of the choke insulation system, engineers adhere a protective foil onto the surface of the coil. In order to prevent any trapped air, they have to be very careful, similar to wallpapering. Trench development manager Klaus Pointner explains: "Sticking the coils together takes a lot of time and effort. It is therefore very helpful that the experts from Corporate Technology have found a much easier way to coat the components. This saves us about one week of production lead time and allows us to optimize our production costs."

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