Digital Twins Summer Camp 2020 - powered by Siemens and TUM

For 5 days in September 2020 Siemens Summer Camp offers you the unique chance to dive deep into the topic of Digital Twins.

Digital Twins enable us to deliver virtual representations of real-world products, systems and cities. Being able to showcase a virtual representation of a product, production process, or performance allows for the individual process stages to be seamlessly linked. The Digital Twin continuously evolves due to the flow of data, user experience feedback, and new input. Therefore, it is greatly impacting production, development and operation.

This year’s Siemens Summer Camp has the title “Digital Twins”. We offer you the opportunity to participate in talks of TUM’s and Siemens’ top researchers and scientists. In our Summer Camp we will introduce you to the fascinating world of Digital Twins and why they are the innovation backbone of the future. You will learn about many different aspects from how it is used in development, 3D printing, building information modeling, or the simulation and testing of individual machines.

The participants will be challenged to engage and apply the learned methods and technologies in team projects. They will work in small groups (4-6 people) to develop solution strategies for challenges defined at the beginning of the event. Experts will support the students during the business-driven hands-on sessions to evolve their solutions. The participants will also get to present and discuss their results with the group. Furthermore there is a lot of room for getting to know each other, networking, and the exchange with the scientists as well as casual evening gatherings.

The educational objective of this Summer Camp is to get an overview of Simulation and Digital Twin technologies and their industrial application. All participants are given the chance to present their current work as part of three poster sessions. Particularly, researchers and Ph.D./M.Sc. students are encouraged to present their work here. The Summer Camp will be a great opportunity to receive feedback from your peers.

Date: 07.09 - 11.09.2020

Location: Munich - Otto Hahn Ring 6

Here you can find information about further Digital Twin applications: Link